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Friday, May 18, 2007

Still Not Much :(

Yes now smileys can be used in post titles as well. Okay that was lame, but the amount of news circulating about Ashes To Ashes has also been quite lame. It is still early days though. Other than news of a new film staring Philip Glenister and John Simm (more news about this over at called "Tuesday", very little has been divulged since the last post. Oh, filming starts in July for A2A, had I mentioned that? Maybe not.

A poll was started on this site several weeks ago, about whether or not you thought Thandie Newton would make a good Alex Drake (Gene Hunts assistant and lead female character). Well after an initial rush of yes voters, the poll seems to have now become a lot more balanced. With yes only leading by 2 votes (at the time of writing this). If you haven't voted in the poll yet, here is some more information relating to the casting of the character Alex Drake.

Thandie is the actress everyone seems to be tipping for the role in the media, though other actresses names have now come to air. Other women being looked at for Alex Drake are, Lisa Faulkner (Spooks & New Street Law) and also Liz May Brice from Bad Girls. So if you don't like the idea of Thandie Newton opposite our Hero Philip Glenister and you would prefer one of the other hot tips, vote no. The poll will be ending very shortly, and the results will be posted soon. So if you haven't voted yet or have changed your vote preference, give it go in the links bar next to the post.

'Til next time Martians, when hopefully I will have something more substantial, peace.


Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Its been done before, sort of . . . .

Now I bet by that title, you're all thinking he's gone nuts and is stating the obvious. Of course it has, its a spin-off of LifeOnMars so it will share some similarities. That's not what I getting at, not at all. In 1999 British independent filmmaker Wayne Gerard, released a film called "Ashes To Ashes".

Although its a movie and this blog is about the forthcoming TV series, their are shared concepts in both. The movie while not being a police drama, is set in the early 70's (like LOM), A2A (the series) will be set in the 80's. The movie deals with political incorrectness, racism and sexism so does LOM and A2A is expected to do the same (to perhaps a lesser degree being the 80's).

The movie Ashes To Ashes is about a screenwriter, currently writing a play called Ashes To Ashes. In LOM there is a character called Nelson, who is the local Barkeeper at the "Railway Arms". While at this stage it is unknown whether Nelson will appear in A2A (the series), there is also a character in the movie "Ashes To Ashes" called Nelson.

The movie "Ashes To Ashes" won Get Out There Magazines' Best Film Award in 2000, it also received, Best Advert and Best Promotional Film. Get Out There Magazine is believe it or not a Canadian sports Magazine. Ashes To Ashes was submitted to the Raindance Film Festival in 1999, where it was described as "Kung-Fu with an arty London twist in a stylish debut".

The movies' website can be found here, if you are inclined to investigate this at all, a trailer can also be seen at the official site. That's pretty much it, so title, Nelson, political incorrectness, retro time period and also made in the UK. Quite a few similarities really, any way time for me to go. Later Martians!


Site Stuff

Hello Everybody, still got to work on a name for you all. As you can see, the site has just gone through a design overhaul. Strange thing to do when there are only a couple posts, so far. Well there is a reason behind it, all of my sites now have the same kind of template and look. That's right they have all changed, even ReAnimator Digest and Torchwood PR (which I share wit POP, CPotey & Raxxie) all now have a simillar look and feel to them. I hope you like the change.

That aside feedback on the sites first poll, is coming in fast. Initially it looked Thandie was a goer, at least in our pollers eyes it did. That soon changed however, with the no's catching up to the yes please's very quickly. A pattern is starting to emerge though, it seems most males are the "yes" vote and most females are the "no" vote. Hmmm, perhaps there is a bit buried jealousy there girls? No? Just joking. Any way if you haven't voted yet, throw your opinion into the mix by voting in the poll.

Also a quick word about, there is a poll going on over there as well. The LOM.TV poll deals with what your favourite Season One episode was, can you remember that far back? No? Well for your convenience there is a link to episode breakdowns, just underneath the poll check it out (they are in breif). The poll will be extended until the end of this week, to get the numbers up a bit as voting numbers were rather low.

So please if you haven't yet, vote in the polls (both of them). You know you want to. 'Til next time Martians, peace.