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Monday, October 1, 2007

A2A: Behind The Scenes Video #1

Greetings again Martians, as promised the video I mentioned in the previous post. This a compilation of short clips posted from various sources, the owner of these wishes to remain anonymous. So anonymous he / she / they will remain. As for the pictures I mentioned they are still coming, so keep checking back. In the interim enjoy this video backed with the obvious choice of music, you guessed it Ashes To Ashes.

Will this song be included in the soundtrack? You would think so, for that reason I haven't included it as an option in the new poll. Though if you want to hear it or vote for it, you can still do so through the "other" option. For now, enjoy what is hopefully the first of many videos of our favourite or second favourite show. I had to say that, otherwise I'd be discounting LOM and I won't do that.

A2A filming, featuring the new HQ (Brixton)

'Til next time Martians peace, unless you want to make noise about the video.


Second Poll Results

Greetings Martians, back again with the long awaited second poll results. Yeah right. This poll out lived its welcome by a month or two, too many. The reason, you are asking? Well to be quite frank, its quite difficult to come up with something to write a poll about thats both relevant to the show and worthwhile at the same time. Why? I don't even need to answer that, but I will. The series has not been shown yet, as if you didn't know.

Okay, trivialites and bitching aside the poll seemed over after the second week with virtually everyone voting for our favourite Guv, Gene Hunt. For this reason I decided to let it go so to speak, so as the other options might at least get a couple of votes. After all poll isn't a poll if only 10 people vote in it, its simply a survey of a couple of mates. Well this became a poll after the time was extended, I'm digressing though you want the results.

After our obvious winner the breakdown went as follows . . . .

The next highest scorer in the poll went the soundtrack, for this reason I've made it the topic of the next poll. Everything else scored fairly lowly, the "other" option gave some strange answers. One of them was simply Alex, this makes sense you want to see more of her than just bad hair days. Well I've got news for you, the show is set in the '80s. All days were bad hair days then, didn't you know? The other "other" votes were blank, so there's nothing about A2A these 2 voters want see. Makes you wonder why they would even come to this site, to begin with doesn't it?

Next up I have some thanks to issue, for all of the wonderful set pics I've posted so far. Firstly as usual (ladies before gentlemen "this is un-pc by the way) the lovely Fran from PGI and Dean Andrews Official site, secondly Mike the legend from the Delorean Owners Cub of the UK (whose Delorean is featured in the show). Janet or "Wibble" (from TRA) and finally Kevin who's pictures I am yet to post (and from places unknown). Kevin your pictures will be posted shortly, along with the pictures I will also be posting our first Behind the Scenes video. This will be in the next post, later today.

'Til next Martians peace, and you all give good poll. That's POLL not POLE!