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Thursday, November 15, 2007

The Set Pictures You Thought I Had Forgotten About (PART 2)

Okay back again with part 2 of the long awaited set pictures. Before you check them out, some quick news about Ashes To Ashes. According to Dean Andrew's official site, filming of episodes one to six are all complete now. Dean has been given the scripts for the final 2 episodes separately, for some reason. He goes on to mention that its the writers teasing them about it. Hmmm, writers teasing. If this were being produced in the US at the moment, I doubt he would have described it that way.

Its also quite possible that the series may not of been able to be completed either, poor Americans. I guess they will just have to suffer with repeats and reality rubbish, until their strike is over. After all reality TV was apparently born as a result of a previous writers strike there (so my brother tells me anyway). On the other hand if they networks are greedy enough, they may start waving dollars in front of foreign writers to complete work on shows. With that only time will tell, but that's irrelevant to A2A we'll move on.

Dean has also now joined fellow cast mate Philip Glenister in the online community recently by launching his own blog, where he actually chats to the fans. Good on ya Dean! The blog if you want to check it out for yourselves, is an off-shoot from his official site which is put together by none other than Fran Davies of Philip Glenister Index fame. Busy busy lady Fran is, both sites are awesome and well worth your investigation if you haven't been to either of them. If you want to check them out, look no further than the links tab on the sidebar.

Back to Phil now. Phil was recently interviewed by "The Guardian" about the soon to be shown "Cranford Chronicles", where he also lets slip a few bits about A2A. For the last couple of months, the writers had been letting us know that Keeley Hawes' character Alex Drake would be referred to as "Posh Knickers". Phil dispels these rumours by letting us know she's called "Bolly". Bolly want a cracker? This blogger will give you one. Tsk, tsk, keep it clean Mr Cyberman. Phil also mentions "The Clash", though whether they will be featured in the soundtrack is probably still up in the air. You can vote for them in site poll here if you like, which Duran Duran seem to be leading at this stage. The poll will be finishing soon, so if you haven't voted yet hurry up!

Now the pictures. The following are more pictures courtesy of the wonderful Mike, from the Delorean Owners Club of the UK. Below we can see a street blocked off, what looks like Gene with car trouble, the local restaurant still being assembled, some cast chairs (yes they do sit down). Finally what I like to call the Vandalorean. Your car won't be hard to find now Mike with all those autographs on it, of course I'm speaking crap again.

Well I hope you all enjoyed those, more soon hopefully. More video would be nice too, we'll just have to wait and see. 'Til next time Burn Victims peace, and remember pastel jumpers and rats are cool. Yeah right.


Monday, November 12, 2007

The Set Pictures You Thought I Had Forgotten About (PART 1)

That's right "Martians" / "Burn Victims" / "What ever you want to call yourselves", I haven't forgotten them. Several posts ago I mentioned to you all that I had more pictures, for you. Many of you were probably thinking, "This Cyberman character, he's full of it! Says one thing, does something else." Well the wait is over, and as you can see by the part 1 on the end of the title more are to come. This will be sooner, rather than later too so keep checking back.

This first lot that I'm putting up for you now, were pointed out to me by Kevin from Rorky Corky. Thanks a lot Kevin and sorry for the delay. Below you will find 5 pictures of the new Brixton police station, in all its glory. On top of this we have Marshall and Dean, in what looks like a typical run through. Marshall is biting his tongue in one picture, perhaps to take his mind off the pain caused by those extremely tight jeans. Marshall, Marshall, Marshall what will we do? Speaking of the "Div", the man now seems to be the only main cast member without an official site. Its a problem easily solved though, all he has to do is ask someone. Sorry Marshall just pointing out the obvious.

(Pictures courtesy of Kevin)

Well I hope you have all enjoyed today's ramblings, I am writing this rather late at night where I am and I am now off to bed. I will post you some more pictures, when I arise. 'Til next time peoples, peace and may the set pictures flow.



Monday, November 5, 2007

Ashes In Need Commercial

Yesterday Martians, I presented you with some stills from the commercial. I did this to be different, because the video had been posted elsewhere. Also because I have a problem with Youtube, as soon as anything decent is posted its taken down for copyright infringement, even commercials. This I find totalitarian and stupid as well. What is the problem with a company or tv show getting free advertising? In my view this should be embraced not stopped.

With the case of LOM or A2A, all it is really doing is promoting the product to foreign markets. This in the long term is surely beneficial, isn't it? I mean that was how I found out about the show in the first place. It is also the reason why a lot of my previously posted videos no longer function. Don't get me wrong I don't endorse theft, but come on trailers, ads, interviews, etc... this seems a bit obsessive at the least. Well that's today's rant, here's the video let's see how long it takes to get removed. Enjoy!

(Ashes To Ashes - Children In Need Promo)


Sunday, November 4, 2007

The Children In Need Tease

Back again Martians, as I mentioned in the previous post there is currently an A2A promo for Children In Need airing on BBC3. The promo involves Gene Hunt giving a driving lesson to some young girl. For those of you who haven't seen the advertisement, I have included some stills below for you to enjoy. Not a great deal happens in the ad, other Gene scaring the the crap out of the girl with his driving.

In addition to Gene, Ray and Chris are also featured as back-seat drivers. Ray gives his 10p worth on Genes driving, stating that he is always like that. Chris hardly says anything in it. One of the most entertaining parts of it would have to be the name of the driving school, "What The L - Driving School". Rather aptly named, indeed. Here they are, enjoy.

(What The L - Driving School)

More pictures soon. 'Til next time Martians peace, and what the L will you be watching on the 16th of November?



No Martians, its not something new to download to your iPod. The title of this post, actually means what it says a clown has been cast in A2A. At this stage the episode the clown is to be featured in, has yet to be revealed. I am sure we will all know soon enough though. The character of the clown is to be played by Andrew Clover, and has been confirmed on the RBM Actors website. You can check it out for yourselves here.

(Andrew Clover - The Clown)

Andrew, though previously unknown to myself looks to have had quite an extensive career. I am sure Ashes To Ashes will help him even further, his skills cover multiple accents including an Australian one. I bet you can't out-Australian me though Andrew, 10 points for trying though. On top of acting Andrew apparently has actually been a clown as well as a stand-up comedian, MC, Mime, swimmer and a multitude of other things. Let's welcome Andrew to the house of A2A, with skills like I've mentioned I am sure he will impress.

Besides Andrew's inclusion in the cast, more information about Montserrat Lombard's role has been revealed. Montserrat's character WPC Sharon "Shaz" Granger, has been listed on IMDB as being included in 4 episodes. Shaz? Hmm, sounds like a character from "Kath & Kim". With 4 episodes, Montserrat's "Shaz" could possibly be the A2A equivalent of Phylis. On the other hand it has been previously mentioned that Chris (Marshall Lancaster) has a girlfriend in this series, maybe Shaz is Chris's Annie? More guess work there, yours is as good as mine. If you have any clues as to what Montserrat's character does other than the obvious fact she's a copper, please let me know in the comments section.

'Til next time Martians, peace and may the A2A news be with you ........ always.


Saturday, November 3, 2007

Pictures Tell A Thousand Words?

Greetings Martians, over the last month we have had quite a few developments on the A2A front. Everyone's favourite journalist hero Ian Wylie making a set visit, and interviewing the gang (no not the Famous Five, sorry Enid) as well as Matthew Graham. More casting confirmations and various new pictures circulating on the web. On top of all of this, an apparent A2A special for Children In Need. The Children In Need Special, is only speculation at this stage but why not hey? They do it for Doctor Who, why not A2A. Lets keep our fingers crossed on that one, apparently a trailer has been airing on BBC3 for CIN featuring Gene giving someone a driving lesson. Chris and Ray are also featured in the trailer in the back seat.

Children In Need and Ashes To Ashes? What now children need Gene to stomp on their toys? Well if they're fans they might, any way back to the pictures. Below you find a couple of happy and not so happy pictures, snapped at a location shoot. One of them sees Gene back in form, about to belt the crap out of a suspect. Perhaps Alex will set him straight on this behaviour, Sam's attempts appear to have failed.

(Gene Hunt - the lawman, beating up the wrong guy . . .)

Oh, can I get away with saying that? This is Ashes To Ashes and not Life On Mars after all. Next up we have Keeley looking extremely cute with Dean and a weird expression which can only be described as goofball. Next to this, Keeley tries to out-do Dean with an interesting head scarf. This was apparently to protect the precious perm from the rain. I know how it is Keeley, I had one in the 80's too.

(Keeley - looking cute & weird, Dean - no description necessary)

Finally, we have 2 pictures of Phil and Keeley. The first looks like Phil is bluetoothing Keeley something interesting, perhaps the picture of Dean from above. Whatever the case, Keeley looks amused by it. The second of these candid pictures features Phil looking less than impressed, by the photograph. You can kind guess what he's thinking, "bleeding photographers, can't I get get 5 seconds to myself!". Or something similar, its pretty obvious he's not happy about it.

(Bluetooth Fun & Piss Off Paparazzi)

Now back to Ian Wylie. Ian has recently posted an article on his blog from the set visit he made, where he interviews Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah. The article mentions the producers are already talking multiple series for show. This is a good sign, they also mention Sam Tyler fate. So for some up to date goss on whats going on, head on over to The Life Of Wylie. Ian will set you all straight, he also offers an audio statement from Mr Graham himself. I tried to listen to it myself, but it sounded like a kidnappers statement of demands. Maybe this is just what I get for being in Australia, but the clip sounds stretched from my end and rather garbled. Hopefully, you can hear it with more success than myself. If not, perhaps mention it to Ian in the comments. I am sure it is easily fixed. 'Til next time Martians peace, and may the news be a little more forth coming.