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Sunday, November 4, 2007


No Martians, its not something new to download to your iPod. The title of this post, actually means what it says a clown has been cast in A2A. At this stage the episode the clown is to be featured in, has yet to be revealed. I am sure we will all know soon enough though. The character of the clown is to be played by Andrew Clover, and has been confirmed on the RBM Actors website. You can check it out for yourselves here.

(Andrew Clover - The Clown)

Andrew, though previously unknown to myself looks to have had quite an extensive career. I am sure Ashes To Ashes will help him even further, his skills cover multiple accents including an Australian one. I bet you can't out-Australian me though Andrew, 10 points for trying though. On top of acting Andrew apparently has actually been a clown as well as a stand-up comedian, MC, Mime, swimmer and a multitude of other things. Let's welcome Andrew to the house of A2A, with skills like I've mentioned I am sure he will impress.

Besides Andrew's inclusion in the cast, more information about Montserrat Lombard's role has been revealed. Montserrat's character WPC Sharon "Shaz" Granger, has been listed on IMDB as being included in 4 episodes. Shaz? Hmm, sounds like a character from "Kath & Kim". With 4 episodes, Montserrat's "Shaz" could possibly be the A2A equivalent of Phylis. On the other hand it has been previously mentioned that Chris (Marshall Lancaster) has a girlfriend in this series, maybe Shaz is Chris's Annie? More guess work there, yours is as good as mine. If you have any clues as to what Montserrat's character does other than the obvious fact she's a copper, please let me know in the comments section.

'Til next time Martians, peace and may the A2A news be with you ........ always.


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