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Monday, September 17, 2007

Some People Drive Lemons, Not The Gene-Genie

With confirmation now that Gene wont be driving the Delorean, and that he will be driving the promised Audi, you now want to see it. Well the car will not be easily missed due to its colour. By the looks of the latest Nike sneakers out, the Air Force XXV, it looks like they have taken a few fashion tips from Gene. The picture below is another courtesy of Mike from the Delorean Owners Club of the UK, this one though has been "borrowed" from Philip Glenister (but modified some what).

(Gene Hunt's Laudi-Audi)

One thing is for certain, even if Gene doesn't use the siren he won't be sneaking up on his "Southern Nancy Scum" in this car. The criminals will be able to see Gene now from miles away. Previously I had mentioned Simon Le Bon in one of my posts. If a Duran Duran appearance has anything to with Deloreans then I picked the wrong band member. Andy Taylor apparently once owned, or still owns one.

In site news, I am now closing the poll finally. Its out lived its welcome and the outcome is pretty obvious. Details will be published in the next post, the next poll will cover events of 1981 you'd like to see featured in the show. One thing I'd personally like to see, is the Yorkshire Ripper being caught. Maybe Gene could be responsible for catching him. 'Til next time Martians / Burn Victims, peace and so much going under cover.


Sometimes Ranting Pays Off!

Hello everyone, if you read my last post you probably thought to yourself "he over did the Delorean bit". Maybe I did, maybe I'll give you all some more or maybe I won't. The post attracted quite a bit of attention for this site, resulting in the owner of the Delorean featured in the upcoming episode contacting me. Thanks Mike. Mike is a member of the Delorean Owners Club of the UK, which you can find a link to it over on the links tab. The DMC-12 featured in the episode, unlike the famous Cortina in Life On Mars actually uses its real plates. So if you are out and about, and happen to spy the car say hi to Mike for us.

Mike cleared up a few things for us about the car and other cars used in Ashes To Ashes. I can't say too much without getting him in trouble, but what I can tell you is the Delorean is not Genes. Gene will be driving an Audi, as promised previously by the writers. I also had reported to you earlier that Rupert Graves would be appearing in an episode, well this would have to be one of his first pictures from the show.

The picture also features the lovely Keely Hawes not in a fur coat this time time. Watch out Keeley, Pamela Anderson and Pink have their P.E.T.A. posse just around the corner, don't put that jacket back on. I'm sure there is plenty of security on the set though. The picture almost makes Keely and Rupert, look like Princess Leia and Luke Skywalker or is it Han Solo, Rupert? Especially with that hair, and the interior or the car being reminiscent of a spacecraft of sorts. I bet you can't wait to get out of character Keeley.

I can't harp on about the Star Wars simularities any more, or I may find myself working for a womens magazine or UK tabloid "The Sun". Some of the Doctor Who fans, who visit the site regularly will know what I am talking about there. Its amazing how misinformation, congecture and out right rumour end up being news items. But I didn't say that, did I? Once again I would like to formally thank Mike, he tells me there are more pictures on the way.

In addition to Mikes contribution, Fran from Phillip Glenister Index and Dean Andrews Official site. Has also sent in some more pictures for us all to enjoy, from a recent set visit. Thank you as well Fran, and I envy both you and Mike myself being several thousand kilometres from all the action in Australia. The two of you are getting to see history being written or re-written as the case maybe. The picture below is one of Frans', and has the guys posing with their guns. This could quite easily be turned into a recruitment poster for the police, well one from that time period not now. It just wouldn't be PC would it?

'Til next time Martians peace, and I'll have to think of something new to call you all soon. Burn victims? If any of you out there happen to spy some filming for the show happening, your pictures are always welcome. Video is good too, we haven't had any of that yet but its most certainly welcome at the address in the links tab. Peace.


Monday, September 3, 2007

Back To The Past Or Future?

You just don't know what I'm talking about, do you Martians? In the last post, I featured 2 pictures which had been sent to me courtesy of PGI. The second picture, the group shot also featured a car in the background besides "the gang". It was a little hard to make out, all that was really exposed in the picture was the boot. That car though has been made famous before (via film), and has connections to time travel already. Still dont know what it is? Well Martians the car is none other than the Delorean DMC-12.

The Delorean DMC-12 was released in 1981, and ended its model run rather quickly in 1983. It came to be a very well known car several years after this in 1985, when it was portrayed in the "Back To The Future" series of films as a time machine. Apparently the way to travel through time, isn't via accidents or blue police boxes. It happens after you exceed 88mph in one of these, well that's what those movies lead us to believe any way.

We had been previously told the gang would use an Audi in Ashes To Ashes, at present it is unknown whether this is still the case or not. If it isn't, this could be one of the shortest series ever. All Alex would need to do to get back to present day, is take a drive in the Delorean and get it up to 88. Of course around London this may prove be a little difficult, but on an open country road she might even be able to do it within a couple of episodes. This is giving her a chance to get used to 1981 first.

The shows parent series Life On Mars, saw Sam Tyler return to 2007 after 2 series. It is my personal hope that the same format is not followed with Alex Drake, as it would make the show quite predictable. Life On Mars certainly was not predictable, especially its ending. What I would like to see, is Gene being able to come back the present with Alex. A story arc like this could be very cool indeed, and would take the show in a completely different direction. It would also offer a kind of role reversal for the 2 main stars, and set up the next series for Gene (that's if another is planned).

Several UK columnists have already speculated during Life On Mars's run about what it would be like to bring Gene into present day, it would be chaos. Gene would be up on sexual harassment on his first day, sacked for drinking on the job or in trouble for being a racist. This has been done before, but only in crappy romantic comedies featuring has-beens such as Meg Ryan. Sorry Meg, but its what you are. Your next job will be as a kid stars Mother, but that won't occur for another 5 years or so (just joking).

I'm getting off the point of this post now, aren't I? Okay back to the Delorean. During my web scouring over the last couple of days, I stumbled over another picture featuring the car more clearly. The picture below shows the vehicle with the guys, only this time with its famous gull wing doors open. If you would like to know more about the Delorean, head on over to its Wikipeadia page here. An interesting co-incidence has occurred with the car and Ashes To Ashes. The series premieres in 2008 and the car is being re-issued then as well, so if you want one very soon you'll be able to get one again. 'Til next time Martians peace, and don't drive past 88mph unless your car also contains time circuitry.

(The Gang and the Delorean)

(Just the Delorean DMC-12)


Saturday, September 1, 2007

More Set Pics

Greetings Martians, today I received 2 wonderful set pictures from the lovely Fran over at Philip Glenister Index. So I thought I'd share them with you. Below you can see Phil and Dean lounging in their deckchairs. The second one looks a little less planned. Thanks Fran. If you haven't checked out PGI its well worth your effort. The girls over there have a great site dedicated to all things Philip Glenister.

Other than these pics, I need to report that Ashes To Ashes.TV as well as Life On Mars.TV are now listed on Philip Glenisters official site. The poll is still going and I'm going to wind it up soon, so if you haven't voted nows the time. Also if you have poll ideas, as always use the comments section. 'Til next time Martians peace, and your photos are always welcome.