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Monday, September 17, 2007

Some People Drive Lemons, Not The Gene-Genie

With confirmation now that Gene wont be driving the Delorean, and that he will be driving the promised Audi, you now want to see it. Well the car will not be easily missed due to its colour. By the looks of the latest Nike sneakers out, the Air Force XXV, it looks like they have taken a few fashion tips from Gene. The picture below is another courtesy of Mike from the Delorean Owners Club of the UK, this one though has been "borrowed" from Philip Glenister (but modified some what).

(Gene Hunt's Laudi-Audi)

One thing is for certain, even if Gene doesn't use the siren he won't be sneaking up on his "Southern Nancy Scum" in this car. The criminals will be able to see Gene now from miles away. Previously I had mentioned Simon Le Bon in one of my posts. If a Duran Duran appearance has anything to with Deloreans then I picked the wrong band member. Andy Taylor apparently once owned, or still owns one.

In site news, I am now closing the poll finally. Its out lived its welcome and the outcome is pretty obvious. Details will be published in the next post, the next poll will cover events of 1981 you'd like to see featured in the show. One thing I'd personally like to see, is the Yorkshire Ripper being caught. Maybe Gene could be responsible for catching him. 'Til next time Martians / Burn Victims, peace and so much going under cover.


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Bad Wolf said...

nice ye it be cool to see the yorkshire ripper thing. also you can see the car from a mile off so as you said so much for undercover