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Monday, November 12, 2007

The Set Pictures You Thought I Had Forgotten About (PART 1)

That's right "Martians" / "Burn Victims" / "What ever you want to call yourselves", I haven't forgotten them. Several posts ago I mentioned to you all that I had more pictures, for you. Many of you were probably thinking, "This Cyberman character, he's full of it! Says one thing, does something else." Well the wait is over, and as you can see by the part 1 on the end of the title more are to come. This will be sooner, rather than later too so keep checking back.

This first lot that I'm putting up for you now, were pointed out to me by Kevin from Rorky Corky. Thanks a lot Kevin and sorry for the delay. Below you will find 5 pictures of the new Brixton police station, in all its glory. On top of this we have Marshall and Dean, in what looks like a typical run through. Marshall is biting his tongue in one picture, perhaps to take his mind off the pain caused by those extremely tight jeans. Marshall, Marshall, Marshall what will we do? Speaking of the "Div", the man now seems to be the only main cast member without an official site. Its a problem easily solved though, all he has to do is ask someone. Sorry Marshall just pointing out the obvious.

(Pictures courtesy of Kevin)

Well I hope you have all enjoyed today's ramblings, I am writing this rather late at night where I am and I am now off to bed. I will post you some more pictures, when I arise. 'Til next time peoples, peace and may the set pictures flow.



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Jack Yan said...

Nice pic of the Quattro, too, R. C., though I still can’t bring myself to believe this is Gene’s motor (though I know it has been confirmed). I still see him as more of a Rover SD1 or Granny 3·0S man!