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Monday, October 1, 2007

A2A: Behind The Scenes Video #1

Greetings again Martians, as promised the video I mentioned in the previous post. This a compilation of short clips posted from various sources, the owner of these wishes to remain anonymous. So anonymous he / she / they will remain. As for the pictures I mentioned they are still coming, so keep checking back. In the interim enjoy this video backed with the obvious choice of music, you guessed it Ashes To Ashes.

Will this song be included in the soundtrack? You would think so, for that reason I haven't included it as an option in the new poll. Though if you want to hear it or vote for it, you can still do so through the "other" option. For now, enjoy what is hopefully the first of many videos of our favourite or second favourite show. I had to say that, otherwise I'd be discounting LOM and I won't do that.

A2A filming, featuring the new HQ (Brixton)

'Til next time Martians peace, unless you want to make noise about the video.


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Bad Wolf said...

cool cant wait for this series now