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Tuesday, May 1, 2007

Site Stuff

Hello Everybody, still got to work on a name for you all. As you can see, the site has just gone through a design overhaul. Strange thing to do when there are only a couple posts, so far. Well there is a reason behind it, all of my sites now have the same kind of template and look. That's right they have all changed, even ReAnimator Digest and Torchwood PR (which I share wit POP, CPotey & Raxxie) all now have a simillar look and feel to them. I hope you like the change.

That aside feedback on the sites first poll, is coming in fast. Initially it looked Thandie was a goer, at least in our pollers eyes it did. That soon changed however, with the no's catching up to the yes please's very quickly. A pattern is starting to emerge though, it seems most males are the "yes" vote and most females are the "no" vote. Hmmm, perhaps there is a bit buried jealousy there girls? No? Just joking. Any way if you haven't voted yet, throw your opinion into the mix by voting in the poll.

Also a quick word about, there is a poll going on over there as well. The LOM.TV poll deals with what your favourite Season One episode was, can you remember that far back? No? Well for your convenience there is a link to episode breakdowns, just underneath the poll check it out (they are in breif). The poll will be extended until the end of this week, to get the numbers up a bit as voting numbers were rather low.

So please if you haven't yet, vote in the polls (both of them). You know you want to. 'Til next time Martians, peace.


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