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Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Ammendments, Casting, Pics and Milestones

Greetings once again Martians. Today I bring you some goodies, a retraction as well as some site news. First the goodies, no not the 70's comedy show with Graeme Garden, Tim Brooke-Taylor and Bill Oddie. If it were to be featured on any of my blogs it would be on and not here. The goodies I am referring to are the exceptional on-set pics, recently displayed on The Sun's website. The pictures not only offer us the first glimpse of our heroes in their 80's attire, but also advise us of one the first guest or supporting cast members.

In the pictures we can see quite clearly, an additional female police officer. This actress is none other than Montserrat Lombard. For those unfamiliar with Montserrat's work, she has appeared in "The Chatterley Affair", "The Midsommer Murders" and most recently in "Hyperdrive" as Lavya. If you are interested in knowing what other roles she has been in, head on over to IMDB via this link to get the full credits on this new addition to A2A.

The retraction I am talking about, is the start date mentioned in the previous post. That news came via Philip Glenisters Official Website, which may have been the tentative date filming was due to commence. This quite obviously changed as the pictures below were taken and posted on the 28th of July. Hmmm, why didn't I pick that up then? Oh well the important part still remains accurate, and that is that filming is well and truly under way.

Now for the site news, I am going to announce this early because if I don't I'll probably forget about it later. That is has now been online for 100 days, yay!!! (He say's like Kermit the Frog, waving his arms around). At the time of posting this, the counter is only 18 hours off 100 days so I'm telling you now. That's it for todays posting, I hope you all enjoy the pictures below. 'Til next time Martians peace, and is Montserrat the next Annie? Perhaps shes's the girlfriend Chris the Div is seeing, we can only speculate.

First glimpse of A2A, and it looks like Chris will be
speaking like Michael Jackson in this one!
(Dean Andrews, where is Ray's promised perm?)


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Bad Wolf said...

gr8 news A2A is underway ps did ya no series 2 of lom is being repeated on BBC 4 i watched ep 1 last nite