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Friday, December 21, 2007

Its In The Bag

Greetings Martians, it is with great pleasure I can inform you that filming is now completed on Series 1 of Ashes To Ashes. Dean Andrews reports on his official blog that filming is now complete, and what a relief it must be for the cast. Just in time for Christmas.

Dean reports to have seen episodes 1 to 6, and is very pleased about how things have turned out. He states the show meets the high standards set by LOM and praises the writing team, the cast and everyone involved. He also discusses a recent photo shoot for FHM, with Phil and Marshall. Speaking of Phil, his official site reports that no more updates will be done until early next year. Phil has a special Christmas message for all there as well.

The BBC have now put out a press release, featuring Phil and Keeley leaning against the Audi. For some reason the Audi appears more red than orange, as it appeared in previous pictures I have posted for you here. Probably just the lighting. The same photo is also featured in BBC1 winter spring schedule, only in a much larger size.

In site news has nearly reached 10,000 visitors, which it looks at achieving by Christmas. I thought this to be worth mentioning, seeing as Ashes hasn't even aired yet. Some blog writers get all the luck, and Ian Wylie of the Manchester Evening News is one of them. Recently Ian received a promo dvd for A2A, and posted a photo of it to rub it in. Almost as if to say I've seen it and you haven't, well it would make a good cartoon anyway. Perhaps I'll do one.

'Til next time Martians peace, and if I don't post again before the 25th Merry Christmas all.


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