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Monday, January 21, 2008

Official Site, Teaser & Other Stuff . . . . .

What an amazing month! Going back to December 21st last year I was in awe over the fact the site had nearly reached 10,000 visitors, well one month later its passed 15,000 and doesn't look to be slowing down anytime soon. I'm happy, but enough of my boasting you want the news. First up the trailers. To those of you who have been enjoying all of the recent trailers for A2A that I've posted, you would of noticed the fact that I had missed the very first one. To satisfy your hunger for material, I've decided to put up the initial Teaser-Trailer.

The trailer which is only 12 seconds long is still worth a look at, even though it contains footage appearing in one of the longer ones. It was our official introduction to the show, so its here for you now. You can find it located at the bottom of the post. The teaser itself, appears stretched out of perspective (ie: wide screen stretched to full screen) but it was the only version of it posted on youtube at the time. If this changes I will edit this post, and replace it with one that is in perspective. For the mean time though, this will have to do.

In site news, the official BBC Ashes To Ashes site has finally gone live. It's only one page at this stage, and part of BBC Drama though I am sure it will move to a larger site when the series begins just like Life On Mars did. It offers nothing in the way of desktops, avatars or icons. So it is a bit of a disappointment in that perspective, just simply series information at the moment. Possibly as a reaction to this, one of the contributors to the A2A Live Journal site has made some awesome avatars for your downloading pleasure. You can find the avatars located here.

In other site news, the guys over at the official Philip Glenister site have come back from their holidays now and have posted a large amount of new material. Phil also informs us of a new project hes just started for ITV, the supernatural drama "The Last Van Helsing". In this Phil plays a CIA agent, Rupert Galvin. Filming commenced on the 20th of January, for this 6 part ITV1 drama. So by the looks of it Phil is going to have a big year of scum busting, firstly with A2A and his "southern nancy boys" aided by Chris, Ray and Alex. Secondly as a Vampire-Hunter, the girls over at Philip Glenister Index will be going crazy over this one.

'Til next time Martians peace, and get your pre-orders in for the dvd.

(Ashes To Ashes Series 1 Teaser)



Bad Wolf said...

nice yet another great one

cyber_patchy said...

Just to say that this site is fantastic - in case you, or anyone who reads this blog dont know ashes to ashes starts feb 7th at 9pm on BBC 1 :D cant wait

MotörheadBlögger said...

I too am looking forward to seeing Ashes To Ashes in February. By the way, you have a quality blog!

mary said...

i will miss the final episodes on friday, is it repeated anywhere