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Sunday, March 30, 2008

Series Two Here We Come . . . .

With Series One now over, and official confirmation from the BBC of the second series fans have many questions. Rightly so too. Alex was unable to stop her parents dying, the true identity of "The Clown" was revealed and Gene (thankfully) averted losing his job from Lord Scarman. Speaking of Lord Scarman played by Geoffrey Palmer, fans of Doctor Who would have instantly recognised him as being Captain Hardaker from last years Christmas Special "Voyage Of The Damned". Life On Mars had connections to Doctor Who through its cast, now I guess its its Ashes turn.

The questions episode eight promted me to ask are:

1. Will we see The Clown in Series 2, now that his true identity has been revealed or will he be replaced with a new character? After all for a while there he was considered to be Ashes version of the channel girl from Life On Mars.

2. Will Alex and Gene, finally get together or will the tension just simply keep continuing to build between them?

3. Will we ever get to see the now ex-Mrs Hunt, or will she just be spoken about and not seen?

4. Have we seen the last of that Delorean and Danny Moore?

5. Will we ever see Sam Tyler again? His body was never found, this could be deliberate in the hope that John Simm will make a cameo at some stage.

6. Now that Layton is out of jail, thanks to Alex's Dad will he pursue Alex in Series 2?

I'm sure many of you out there have similar questions. Another one of mine is, when can we expect some more mechandise? We have the soundtrack already out, the Series 1 DVD Boxset coming soon and a tshirt from DJTees. Surely there is more to come? I'm hoping so, anyway. What are your thoughts, can you bear the wait until next year? Please feel free to comment.

'Til next time Martians / Burn Victims / Ash-heads, whatever you would like to call yourselves and be careful not to have any accidents. You never know where you may end up, 1973, 1981, 1995?



Bad Wolf said...

great i cant wait to see a 2nd series. i do hope john simm will reapear at some point. some how. maybe hes now in the 1940's? after all he died to get back to 1973 so could he die again and end up even further back

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