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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

The Bowie Factor

Hello again, two posts ago I gave you the lyrics to David Bowies' Ashes To Ashes. As the series is named after the song, and was incidentally released on the 1st of August 1980 not in 1981 which the series is set. I have decided to give you the video, featuring Bowie in his famously outlandish attire.

Bowies' clothes in the video are no real indication as to what to expect of the shows featured clothing. Nobody roamed the streets in clown costumes or dressed as astronauts. What we can look forward to though is Ray sporting a perm, which will more than likely make him look like Prince than David Bowie. Not that I am dissin' David Bowie's dress sense, but many would.

Any way, here is David Bowies' Ashes To Ashes, I hope you enjoy it. Before you watch it though ponder this, Marshall Lancaster (Chris Skelton in the show) and David Bowie share one strange oddity they both have two different coloured eyes. Imagine how this could be recreated in the show, 'til next time people.


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