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Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sam Tyler in A2A?

Will Sam Tyler (John Simm), be making an appearance in the continuing adventures of Gene Hunt? That's question on the end of everyone's tongues, at present. The answer according to Matthew Graham (Series Creator) is quite simply, no. Graham stated recently in an interview with the Daily Mirror, that when Sam Tyler jumped off the roof of the station in 2006, he killed himself.

"What I was trying to say is that he's died, and that for however long that last second of life is going to be, it will stretch out for an age, as an eternity for Sam. When he drives off in that car, he's really driving off into the afterlife."

Although this seems pretty much black and white, the ending of Life On Mars was not. As Graham's ending was ambiguous, it left viewers wondering and pondering the question about Sam. This seems to be quite intentional, but John Simm has recently vented his fury over the way the BBC handled the second series, after the first was reportedly delivered on time and under budget.

In an interview with the Daily Telegraph, Simm revealed how lack of funds and time angered the cast. "We were furious. I don't know where they get their wisdom from about how you reward a hit show. It made it not particularly enjoyable because the workload was just unbelievable." He then added, "It put me off doing a huge, high-profile TV show like that. Not forever, obviously. I'll get over it."

This doesn't seem to prove or disprove Sam's involvement in the Ashes To Ashes plot line, however. It is already known that DCI Alex Drake reads Sam's notes from when he awoke from his coma in 2006, in 2008. Perhaps Alex searches for Sam in 1981, this seems plausible as a plot line. Finding Sam Tyler maybe the quest that Alex will have to lead, in order to find her way back to 2008. I like this as a premise, anyway.

Doing this would leave it open for Sam to make an appearance in an episode, at least. In closing all I can say is, lets be hopeful. There are more stories involving Sam Tyler that could be told. Just remember, we know Major Tom's a junkie.


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