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Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Amazing What Can Happen In 1 Day!

Well it is amazing Martians. Yesterday I was telling you that there was nothing really to report, I was wrong. After some further scouring I discovered a couple of news tidbits, to tickle your fancy. Ashley Pharoah series co-producer and writer has already finished writing the first episode, and is onto the second one.

Although he didn't really let anything go about episode one, other than how Alex ends up in 1981. Guess what? Well come on, okay I hear you. She doesn't get there via a car accident, like Mr Tyler. Alexs' travel to 1981 is through a coma, but is the result of her being shot in the head. Glad to see a spin on it, guys.

Episode two takes place during the wedding of Lady Diana Spencer and Prince Charles, so more than likely we will get to see some archival footage of the actual wedding rather than a re-enactment by some actors. Ashley goes onto to add that in the episode, Gene and the gang end up at the Blitz Club. Which is where the "New Romantic" genre of music is supposed to have stemmed from. Gene apparently hates New Romantics, referring to them as a bunch of southern poofs in make-up. Well, we are talking about Gene Hunt here.

The above information is courtesy of the July issue of Death Ray Magazine, go out and grab yourself a copy. Other than this, Marshall Lancaster was recently interviewed about the Life On mars Bafta Awards snubbing. He had a bit of a joke about it as well, but being, we'll skip that bit. I'll post it later on What I would like to mention her though is that Marshall is currently starring in a stage production of Wuthering Heights. After it finishes, he gets a couple of weeks off then its straight into filming Ashes To Ashes.

In the interview Marshall stated the following, "I'll be doing pretty much the same role. I've been described as a techno wizard this time, having been a bit of a div in the two series so far, and apparently I'll have a girlfriend, who gets kidnapped, but I better not say too much!" he said, stopping himself. Good to see Chris finally coming out of his shell, three cheers for the DIV!

Well Martians, that's probably the best news installment we've had so far covering the show. I do imagine this should continue from now on though, with the filming commencement rapidly approaching. 'Til next time Martians, peace and keep it UN-PC or you maybe the next nonce Gene (Philip Glenister) Kicks!


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