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Thursday, February 7, 2008

Ashes To Ashes Starts Today . . . . .

Greetings again Martians, today is the day when our hero Gene Hunt returns to the our screens after a year long abscence. This time in a different era, and with a different partner Alex Drake. Keeley Hawes (Alex Drake) was recently interviewed by GMTV in the UK, about her role in A2A and upcoming film appearances. Keeley mentions that Alex, unlike Sam in LOM is very aware that she is living in a dream. This should give her a major advantage, when dealing with Gene and 1981 in general.

She also discusses the disadvantages of being cast as Daniel Craigs sister, in one of her latest film outings "Flashbacks of a Fool". Poor Keeley, oh well I'm sure she'll survive. In addition to glimpses of A2A, we also get to see Keeley in a promo for the movie "The Bank Job". Keeley also talks about her husband appearing in Ashes To Ashes, with a mullet. As we count down the minutes until Ashes To Ashes starts, enjoy the interview.

(Keeley Hawes talks about Alex Drake)



Bad Wolf said...

ive just watched the first episode of ashes to ashes and thought it was good. not as good as life on mars in my eyes from the first episode but im sure it will get better. cant wait for next week

Jack Yan said...

Keeley looks fab in 2000s clothes and hair! For months I have only seen her in Ashes to Ashes garb.
   Bad Wolf above, I agree. I hope we get a twist on the ‘Gene Hunt mythology’.