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Friday, February 8, 2008

Series One - Episode One (PART ONE)

(Radio Times [2nd - 8th February 2008] - 4 Different A2A Covers)

Well Martians its here and it certainly did not disappoint, well myself in any case. The Radio Times seems to share my opinion by offering 4 different covers, for this weeks edition. For the majority of Life On Mars fans, the episode answered some pressing questions, and at the same time posed some more. We find out that Genes wife left him, and that Sam Tyler died (or so the team presume, seeing as his body was never recovered). These two answers prompt the questions, "Will we ever get to see Gene's now ex-wife on screen?" as well as "Will Sam Tyler ever make an appearance in Ashes To Ashes?".

If John Simm was to be asked this question now, he would more than likely answer no. The show seems to have been diliberately written this way, to make you ask these questions. Matthew Graham and Ashley Pharoah deserve congratulations here, for an extremely well written introduction to the series. Again the duo have started screwing with our heads, but did we really expect anything less. Of course we didn't, and neither did the show's fan base over at The Railway Arms (which by all means should be re-named Luigis', or least the A2A section).

For those of you expecting an episode synopsis here, I hate to disappoint you but you'll get that in the next post. Tonight Philip Glenister offers lucky UK fans, his own insights into Gene Hunt and Ashes To Ashes on "Friday Night With Jonathan Ross" at 10.35PM. Best set the PVR/DVR or primitive 80's VHS Recorder, or take the other option and be disappointed.


Bad Wolf said...

nice i love the cover and on jonathen ross phil said that the series takes a few episodes to get into/ get your head round

Jimmy said...

A fine series kick off